Indépendance et Expansion - France Small

Indépendance et Expansion - France SMALL is an actively managed fund that targets Small and Mid Caps in France.

INDÉPENDANCE ET EXPANSION - FRANCE SMALL follows a ‘quality value’ investment strategy, and seeks investment opportunities that combine low valuation and high quality of profits.

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Net Asset Values

X (C) Class
Last NAV as of 06/17/2021 669.14€

Last monthly report

Performance 2021
SICAV 21.4%
CAC Mid & Small NR 15.2%
A (C) Class
Dernière VL au 06/17/2021 664.64€

Last monthly report

Performance 2021
SICAV 21.3%
CAC Mid & Small NR 15.2%

Performance & characteristics

Performance & ratings

Subscriptions opened

Base 100 by end of December 1993

Past performance is not a guide to future performance; Initial investment is not guaranteed
* SBF Second marché until 31/12/2004 ; CAC Small NR from 31/12/2016 ; CAC Mid & Small NR since 01/01/2017

Cumulated performance
CAC Mid & Small NR *
Annualized performance
CAC Mid & Small NR *
CAC Mid & Small NR *
Tracking error
Information ratio

Data as of 
Information related to the share class X(C)

Comparative performance

Data as of 06/19/2021 YTD 1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years Since 12/31/1993 Annualized
Indépendance et Expansion - France Small n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
CAC Mid & Small NR 13.3% 37.4% 8.1% 54.8% 118.2% 723.2% 7.9%

Product characteristics

Refer to the termsheet for the detailed fund characteristics

Legal structure UCITS
Valuation Daily
Currency EUR
Recommended investment horizon > 3 years
Subscriptions Daily
Redemptions Daily
Depositary bank Luxembourg CACEIS Bank
Fund administrator Luxembourg CACEIS Bank
Risk level 6 over 7
Benchmark CAC Mid & Small NR
Eligible PEA
Fees Shares class X (C) and A (C) Share Class I (C)
Subscription fees 0% 1% Max.
Minimum subscription 1 share 1 share
Redemption fees 0% 0%
Management fees 1.95% 1.40%
Outperformance fee* 10% 10%
ISIN codes
Share class X (C) – Institutional investors LU0104337620
Share class A (C) – Individual investors LU0131510165
Share class I (C) – Clean Share LU1964632324

*10% of outperformance vs. benchmark