Société de gestion

Anentrepreneurial managementstructure

The Indépendance et Expansion SICAV is managed by the Luxembourg company Indépendance et Expansion AM, a portfolio management company subject to the provisions of Chapter XV of the law of December 17, 2010 relating to collective investment undertakings.

Indépendance et Expansion AM is therefore placed under the prudential supervision of the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission in Luxembourg.

The company Indépendance et Expansion AM is itself owned by the French company Marlet. Marlet is indirectly owned by a group of members of William Higgons' family.

Société de gestion

A leading operating partner

CACEIS Bank Luxembourg is Fund administrator, and Depositary bank of Indépendance et Expansion SICAV.

CACEIS is one of the world leaders in Asset Servicing, the largest depositary bank and the largest fund administrator in Europe. The company benefits from sustained growth, broad geographical coverage and the commitment of its main shareholder, Crédit Agricole SA, whose credit rating is set at A / A-1 by Standard & Poor's.

Compliance and
Risk Management

Mr. Laurent Raynel is Indépendance et Expansion AM Compliance and Risk Officer.